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about us

Lovely Why Isle is an indie paper goods maker out of Alameda, California, creating greeting cards, durable vinyl stickers, sketchbooks, tote bags, and more. Our high-quality, charming items feature original illustrations and messages with a poetic spirit. Lovely Why Isle is woman-owned, and all of our greetings are printed in USA. 


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Who are you?

Hello, I'm Kristan LaVietes (she/her) [pronounced la-VEE-deez], the real, live human behind Lovely Why Isle. Making paper goods is the perfect creative endeavor to bring together my backgrounds in poetry and marketing. My favorite part of this business is the challenge of writing sentiments that are special, timely, and universal.


Where can I buy your products?

See our list of retailers who stock Lovely Why Isle, and follow us on social media to learn when and where we will be at markets in California's Bay Area. Don't see your favorite local shop on our list? I'd love to reach out to them! Email me your suggestion.   

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Visit our wholesale page for details, and join our industry mailing list for occasional updates about new products and wholesale specials.


Why the name?

Once there was an indie stationer who loved the work of poet E.E. Cummings (especially the poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town”). She lived in an island city in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Sunsets, tides, shorebirds, oak trees, harbor seals, redwoods, kids on bikes, cattails—the place was indisputably lovely and, like the town in the poem (and like any home), a place where identity, meaning, and isolation can be complicated by the communities, times, spaces, and repetitions that intermingle, sometimes wistfully, often beautifully. (I mean, not to get too deep about it, but that’s why.) 

In what ways do you create responsibly?

Even small businesses have a duty to make thoughtful decisions about how we impact the planet and one another. Lovely Why Isle banks with an ethical credit union that does not invest in organizations that harm communities and the environment, and we print in USA to lessen impact on global shipping and avoid supporting labor practices in places where workers’ rights are unprotected.

We use recyclable and recycled paper wherever we can, including in all of our envelopes. We do use cello packaging on some products, but have found that without it, a lot of product becomes damaged and, ultimately, is wasted. Packaging is always optional.

Lovely Why Isle goods are created on Muwekma Ohlone land.

Lovely Why Isle knows these facts to be truth: All people deserve to live, and to live freely, without judgment or discrimination because of skin color, sexual orientation, immigration status, ability, religion, gender, age, or identity. Black lives matter and deserve safety, joy, and systems free of oppression. Love is love, and LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights. Families belong together. Refugees deserve compassion. Healthcare and education should be genuinely universal. The fight to make these rights real for all is ongoing, and we must all show up for it every day.

We seek out and welcome opportunities to contribute in our communities. To talk to us about supporting your cause, please contact me.  

What is Pneu Paper?

Lovely Why Isle is a brand of Pneu Paper, a company I share with my friend Brooke. You should check out the amazing stuff she makes, too!   

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